The Beginning

I began my DJ career when I was a sophomore in high school, with no intentions of this becoming my own business before I would receive my bachelors degree. My high school was in need of someone to play music for an upcoming dance, which I volunteered to do. Even though these first dances I DJ’d for was just me handpicking songs to play off of iTunes, I loved it.

As time went on, I started college, was getting hired to DJ some small time gigs for a while. Then one day I saw a flyer promoting a local DJ competition that was to take place the following month. At this time I realized that if I was going to be taken seriously at a competition I would need some legitimate DJ gear, which is what prompted me to purchase an entry level beginners controller. I only had a few weeks left to put together a decent mix and learn how to use my new setup; I practiced as often as I could.

The practice ended up paying off because I made the first cut of the competition. Myself and five other local DJ’s were the ones that would advance to the next stage, which was performing a live, thirty minute set in front of a crowd of people. Even though I did not win the competition, I was voted the fan favorite out of the other DJ’s, which was just as good as winning for me.

It’s been two years since that competition, and in that time I’ve been DJ’ing approximately twenty weddings per year, DJ’ing at venues in downtown Lexington, obtaining my own DJ residency at a place where I play every Saturday night, and being hired to DJ all of Asbury University’s dances. In addition to traditional DJing, I┬áhave also had my own weekly online radio show on the campus radio station which gave me great MC experience.

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